Neon Blue

Neon Blue

Elastic is comfortable, flexible, and makes it really easy to slip your shoes on without having to tie them.  However, the closure methods outlined above look silly (or in the case of the homemade lace, function oddly)!  Who wears these types of laces?  Athletes, elderly, and kids!  Give these people the dignity of a classically tied lace, with the comfort of elastic.  That’s where The Original Stretchlace steps in.  OSL looks like a traditional polyester lace, and ties like a polyester lace, but it has the flexibility of elastic.

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Swap out your old laces!  And be sure to follow these steps for best results.

  1. Sizing Matters:  be sure they’re not too loose or long.
  2. Tie’em right: “granny” knots come undone, but “reef” or “square” knots stay balanced and tied.
  3. Pull extra tight:  until you see white rubber peeking through on the knots.

Made, with love, in Korea.

50% Polyester, 50% Rubber


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