Elastic is comfortable, flexible, and makes it really easy to slip your shoes on without having to tie them.  Who wears these types of laces?  Kids, athletes, elderly, travelers and more!  Our goal is to give these people the classically tied lace, with the comfort of elastic.  The Original Stretchlace looks like a traditional polyester lace, and ties like a polyester lace, but it has the flexibility of elastic.

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Why elastic shoe laces?

The Original Stretchlace exists to make your shoes easier to put on and more comfortable to wear without sacrificing on style or quality.  These laces will make your shoes pop and put a grin on your face each time you put your (or kids) shoes on!  As soon as you try them you’ll wonder why you waited so long.    

Your shoes don’t have to be frustrating

Getting the kids ready for school doesn’t have to be so hard.  With The Original Stretchlace your kids can put on their own shoes and have fun doing it.  Putting shoes on doesn’t have to hurt.  If you struggle with mobility, tying your shoes can be a pain.  Elastic is comfortable, flexible, and makes it really easy to slip your shoes on without having to bend over and tie them.  

Your shoes don’t have to look ugly.  

The Original Stretchlace offers a variety of vibrant colors so you don’t have to lose the styling of your shoe to gain the convenience and comfort of elastic.  Choose from a variety of vibrant and fun colors to match your current style or spice things up with some neon!

Your shoes can be comfortable and convenient

Alleviate pressure points caused by your shoes with the elasticity of these laces.  Head to the court, field, gym or for a run with a firm but flexible fit that slips on with ease.  

Swap out your old laces!

  1. Sizing Matters:  be sure they’re not too loose or long.
  2. Tie ‘Em Right – “Granny” knots will come undone.  “Reef” or “square” knots stay balanced and tied.
  3. Pull Extra Tight – Pull until you see white rubber peeking through on the knots.

50% Polyester, 50% Rubber

Made, with love, in Korea


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